Dog Walking

Out at work during the day, feeling under the weather or unable to get out and about? I can help.

I offer a great service to all dog owners so they can be sure their dog is getting the best out of life. I offer a flexible, reliable and friendly dog walking service where your dog(s) can be walked as part of a group or on their own.

All services are offered after a FREE initial consultation. This is where I visit you and your dog(s) in your house and make friends as well as discussing what services you and your dog(s) require. Any questions can then be answered and if you wish to confirm a booking, any necessary paperwork completed.

​All dogs need regular exercise and mental stimulation whatever breed or size they may be. A lot of behaviour problems (barking, chewing, aggression etc...) arise when dogs are left home on their own as they get bored, frustrated and feel isolated. Going out on a walk during the day will stimulate them and make them more happy and content when left in the house alone. They will also have a great chance to make new friends and playmates when out on an enjoyable walk with me.

Whether your dog(s) require a nice gentle stroll or an energetic run, I am happy to help.

All dogs will be kept on leads unless they have a good recall, and then only let off in a safe and secure area with the owners consent.

On return from their walk all wet dogs and muddy paws will be cleaned and dried and I will ensure water is available. The house will be locked up and secured and left just how it was found.

All keys will be kept in a safe place separate from your personal details.

So if you are a dog owner and want to ensure your dog(s) have a great time, don't hesitate to contact me.


Small Pet Care Visits

While you are away on holiday or out at work I can visit your house 1-2 times a day to feed, clean or just generally give fuss and attention to your pets.

This service is for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs or any other small animals you may have at home. I can ensure they are doing well while you are away which means they can stay where they call 'home' and are not disrupted.

Dog/puppy visits

This is for when you find your dog/puppy will be left at home alone for a bit longer than usual and would benefit from a break where they can interact with people and be let out in the garden. The owner is then given peace of mind that their pet is happy.

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